Grossman Organic Farm

Organically Grown Blueberries

Indulge your taste sensations with our large, luscious and sweet royal-blue organically grown blueberries. Our blueberry plants are completely hand-cultivated from their very first day of being individually planted here at Grossman Organic Farm. Everything is done by hand, from the weeding, which has to be done all year long, to the late winter/early spring pruning, and especially the harvest. Once the berries begin to ripen, we fresh pick each day's crop by hand to ensure that our berries reach you in prime condition and at their peak of flavor.

We go to great lengths to create these bursts of blue delight. Our blueberry plants waited 5 full years before we allowed the first crop to set - to make sure that the root system was well developed and could bring all of the earth's nutrition and vigor to each and every berry. Taste our blueberries and you will understand what we mean.

One of the secrets to the outstanding flavor of our blueberries is our location. Sitting at an elevation of 1200 feet above sea level, our berries ripen just a bit slower (about two weeks) than blueberries on the valley floor. This means that each berry receives extra sunshine and extra nourishment from the plant. The flavor is not rushed but builds with slow purposeful momentum to perfection.

Eat them fresh, as a snack, with your pancakes and waffles, as a topping to your favorite ice cream or any number of ways you can imagine.

Our berries begin to ripen, depending on each year's weather, around July 4th and the season for these fresh berries lasts less than two months. Quantities are limited so get your orders in now (orders accepted all year) and reserve your share of our organically grown royal blueberries. We do not bill your credit card until we ship your order.

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