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Liquid Gold All Natural Honey

Incredible Tasting Pure, Raw, Unfiltered Wildflower Honey

Experience the taste and flavor of honey at its best. Our honey contains the subtle flavors and aromas that are reminiscent of fresh honeycomb right out of the hive. The secret is in our handling. First, we produce only a limited amount of honey each year. This allows us the time to care for the honey at every step from hive to you. Much commercial honey is a blend of honeys that has undergone significant processing. The honey you buy at the grocery store has likely been heated, often pasteurized to increase shelf life, extracted at high speed, filtered under pressure, pumped from one area to another and finally ending up in steel drums before it is reheated and pumped again into the jars you see on the shelf. Our honey undergoes a simpler, more direct route. After the honey is removed from the hive, each frame is uncapped by hand, using a stainless steel uncapping knife. The cappings and the small amount of attached honey are collected in an enamel basin which are later drained thru cheescloth to become the cappings honey - more on this later. The frames are put into our stainless steel extractor and rotated at low speed to extract the honey. The honey is collected into glass jars and sealed for settling. After a few days to a week, the bits of wax and other items have risen to the surface of the jars and is removed by hand, leaving just the pure, raw honey we call our liquid gold. Because our honey is not heated or filtered, it contains trace amounts of what is naturally occuring in honey including small amounts of pollen.

Some people have a special fondness for the cappings honey (the honey that is drained directly from the cappings themselves), believing it to be sweeter and lighter and containing more flavors of the flowers from which the honey was derived. Instead of going thru the extraction process, the cappings honey is placed over another enameled container with cheesecloth on top. The cappings honey then drains using simple gravity, no presses and no high-speed cappings spinners. Our cappings are only drained once. Like the settling process, creating our "virgin" cappings honey requires extra time, up to 10 days. This honey is then stored in glass jars and goes thru the normal settling stage (although there is very little wax left to surface out).

When you order, your honey is then hand-packed into the classic honey-bear container. Our honey bears contain 12 oz. by weight of our premium liquid gold honey delivered right to your door in the continental US. You can also order our 1 pound and 2.5 pound crystal clear plastic jars (for safer and lighter shipping). See the order form for complete details.

The uses for our honey is limited only by your imagination. Whether you like it raw by the spoonful, with your tea or as the sweetener in your favorite recipes, you'll appreciate the flavor of our pure all natural liquid gold honey.

After many years of trials we have now found a pollen collection system that is gentle on the bees and still collects large amounts of fresh, clean pollen. As the bees enter the hive thru the pollen collection system, they drop their load of pollen from the pollen baskets on their rear legs into the stainless steel collecting screen. The unique design of this device keeps the normal hive debris out of the pollen and is precision-crafted to avoid injury to the bees during the collection process. We collect the pollen each day during the pollen season, store it in glass jars, and immediately freeze it to retain the maximum amount of taste and nutrient value. It is now available for order on our order form page.

You may order by phone, mail, fax or electronically. You may pay by check or credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Discover). If you are not ordering by email or on-line, please print out the order form from the next page and use it to order by mail or fax, or have the information handy to order by phone.

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